Why We Still Love Print Marketing

Print is becoming the fresh marketing tool as we get more and more inundated with tweets, emails and blogs

GDUSA Survey

A Look at the Numbers

  • 91% of magazine readers take action 1
  • The average magazine reader spends 41 minutes reading an issue2
  • 62% of magazine readers keep an issue around for a week or longer3
  • 1 in 4 people pick up a magazine 3 or more times before they finish it4
  • A 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 72% increase in profitability for a service company
  • 47% of adults trust magazines (whereas only 35% of adults trust the Internet)5

(1) Hearst. Consumer Research, 2011 (2) GfK MRI & Omniture/Condé Nast, Spring 2011 (3) Gfk MRI, 2011 (4) Magazine Media factbook 2012/13 (5) Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey, April 2012

A Cognitive Analysis: The Advantages of Print over Digital Media

With e-mail, e-books, and e-everything dominating the communications landscape, many pundits have gone so far as to announce “Print is dead.” Such a declaration, however, is not only premature but downright wrong. We have always known this to be true and recently completed a deep dive into the research that shows why print will remain an essential part of marketing programs well into the future.

Click the following link to download our white paper A Cognitive Analysis: The Advantages of Print over Digital Media.