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What can you get with the Smart Content Summer Deals?

Insights Magazine

6 issues per year

Bimonthly magazine branded to your company. Each issue offers fresh perspectives on top HR and talent issues.

Branded Social Content

Maximize the reach of your print and digital content with branded social sharing images for your team to use.

Monthly Email Marketing

Monthly Insights newsletter, seasonal eCards and staffing promotions are all included! 

Insights Resource Center

Dozens of educational articles on HR and talent management. New content added every month.

Insights Webinars

4 webinars per year

SHRM and HRCI accredited training for your clients and prospects. Each webinar includes exclusive event marketing and data tracking.
Only included with Gold and Digital Only packages

Branded Videos

2 per month

Video is the most consumed content on social media. Your Smart Content package will include two branded videos each month to promote your content.
Only included with Gold and Silver packages

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FREE Video Now Account

Create video email, testimonials, case studies and brand videos. 

$1,535 value!

FREE IP Tracking

See all the daily visitors to your website. 

$1,140 value!


Mail to as many people as you want. 

$3,000 value!