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Diversity and Inclusion: A Science-Based Approach

Overview: Reignited by the most recent events within the Black Lives Matter movement, employers from all industries are taking a deep look at their bias training initiatives.  Since it is an affliction that plagues every single person regardless of race, and impacts behaviors without people being conscious of it, a science-based approach is becoming the preferred training methodology. As science has provided insight on automatic biases, APA Solutions has introduced training methods to raise awareness of unconscious attitudes and continuously provides their clients with effective tools to mitigate them.

Learning objectives:

  • Discover how our brains work – an introduction to the neuroscience behind how we operate.
  • Uncover the benefits and limitations to the way we are naturally designed to think
  • Acquire an understanding of how you think under stress
  •  Become more aware of your tendency to use bias, in order to better equip you to break bias.
  • Appreciate the numerous factors that contribute to Diversity & Inclusion for your staffing solutions.


Joan Graci, the President and CEO of APA Solutions, is one of the few brain-based certified Talent Coaches in the world and she has made it her mission to discover the secret of transforming organizational effectiveness. Leveraging three-plus decades of analyzing data in the recruiting space, along with years spent in the on-demand learning experience platform arena, Joan defies traditional beliefs as it relates to the mindset of the workforce. Her passion is people, and she strives to coach leaders to work within the confines of the human brain’s natural abilities, rather than against it.

Erikson Neilans, Ph.D. is an educator and leadership coach focused on factors that influence how people perceive the world around them. As an individual highly engaged in neuromarketing and psychophysical techniques, he brings a great deal of knowledge to APA’s brain-based methodology. His experience has led to a data-driven approach to decision making and an emphasis on using evidence to solve problems.

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