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Recruiting for the Rebound

Are you ready for the rebound? As the US economy continues to adapt and recover, the demand for talent is accelerating. So how do you position your company to not only meet current and upcoming labor needs, but to gain a competitive advantage through upgrading your talent? In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • What your talent competitors are doing right now, and how to take advantage of their mistakes
  • When to anticipate a renewed talent demand in your industry, profession, or skill sets
  • How to craft and deliver the appropriate messaging that resonates with candidates
  • How government subsidization will impact your ability to attract laid off employees and new candidates
  • An easy but highly effective way to gain candidate commitment when you aren’t quite yet ready to hire
  • The most critical activities you can be focused on today to position yourself for the rebound


Our presenter, Tom Erb, has over 25 years’ recruiting and staffing experience, including as an executive for two of the world’s largest staffing firms, and more than 10 years consulting to hundreds of corporate talent acquisition departments and staffing firms. Tom will share his experiences during previous economic downturns and crises, as well as relevant data that provides insight into what we are likely to see in regards to talent acquisition in the upcoming months.

  • Thursday July 23rd 1:00 (EST)

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