Focus Your Efforts to Achieve True ROI

Several years ago, when I was a rising star in the staffing industry, I learned a valuable lesson that has shaped how I approach nearly everything I do today in both my business and personal life. I had a client where we did a lot of high volume hiring that required us to shovel people through the door just to keep up with demand. To keep the volume of hires up, we cut some corners and as a result, quality suffered. We consistently submitted more candidates than our competitors but started to see our market share with that particular client suffer. We hit what I felt was an ultimate low when 25% of our temps were terminated in the same day (later known as “fire ‘em Friday”).

What is reminder marketing?

Have you heard the story of how I was “closed” by a plumber? I’ll spare you of the details and sum it up by saying: When the pipes burst I never thought twice about who to call. I called the guy that spent 2 years sharing a wealth of knowledge without ever asking for anything in return. I called Mr. Franco I called him because he effectively used reminder marketing to make sure he was the first person to come to mind when the need for his services came up. Reminder Marketing is the process of sharing valuable information with your prospects