Evergreen Content for Staffing Companies: 10 Ideas 

Evergreen content is any type of content that doesn’t lose its relevance in a short time and has a much longer shelf life than seasonal or trending content.  

Content marketing is a long-term strategy to build your brand, ranking with search engines, and your bottom line. Using an investment analogy, content creation is all about compounding returns. Adding evergreen content to your mix is like adding dividend-paying blue-chip stocks to your investment portfolio.  

If you’re posting one blog post per week, in five years you’ll have 260 new pages on your website but the reach of that content is far greater.  

For example, each post is building backlinks (see what I did there) which builds authority, search traffic, and discoverability. Additionally, the more people see your name, the more they read your content, and the longer you’ve been around, the greater effects you’ll see with every piece. 

If you post an article on a new, trending topic your blog traffic spike for the next 24-48 hours. But, what happens after that?  

Some of the content you create will quickly add to your bottom line (visibility/engagement) then fizzle because the topic was timely. For example, The Key to Writing Captivating Job Descriptions in 2021 was a top performer in January but will likely see very little traffic for the rest of the year.  

Evergreen content fills these gaps.  

The top-performing post of all time at Mamu Media is 10 Practices of the Most Successful Staffing Companies. This piece was written in 2013 and is still driving traffic every week in 2021! The ideas shared in this article are likely to still be relevant five or ten years from now. 

Getting started with producing evergreen content is not that difficult. IF you are able to think like your audience, you’ll be able to create content that drives traffic for years to come. The list below will give some ideas to get the creative juices flowing 

  • Listicles 
    • Top 5 Personality Traits That Will Land You the Job 
    • 15 Ways to Declutter Your Mind 
  • Best Practices  
    • Best Practices in Managing a Contingent Workforce 
    • Best Practices to Reduce First Year Workplace Injuries 
  • How-to Guide  
    • How to Get Your Next Promotion 
    • How to Evaluate Competing Job Offers 
  • Pros and cons lists 
    • Pros and Cons of Hiring Temps 
    • Pros and Cons of Remote Onboarding 
  • Checklists 
    • Interview Prep Checklist 
    • New Hire Checklist (first day, week, and year) 

***Disclaimer – This post on Evergreen Content is, in fact, Evergreen Content*** 

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