Using Stories to Grow Your Business

How are you using to stories to recruit more candidates, connect deeper with clients, and humanize your brand? The movies, books, and TV shows we know and love today all stem from the same concept – a solid, engaging story.

And some stories, though packaged differently, are the very same at their core.

Take for example James Cameron’s Avatar and the Disney classic Pocahontas. At first glance these two movies couldn’t be more different, but both tell the story of a male protagonist finding romance in an unfamiliar world.

Despite the similarities in themes, however, Avatar experienced smashing success, and Pocahontas was lost in the sea of early 90’s Disney movies.


In his original post, Joe Ray shares his thoughts on the secrets to a good story.

Here’s a recap.

A Good Story is, well, A Good Story.

Look through your past posts to rediscover those with higher views or average page time – these can be clues to stories with which your audience engages well. Find ways to bring back or retell these narratives.

And if your posts don’t perform the way you thought they would, don’t get discouraged. (See the above example!)

Repackage your story.

So, after some initial brainstorming, your brilliant idea might not actually work out as a blog post. No big deal – James Cameron wanted to release Avatar in 1999 but chose to wait a decade for better technology.

If a blog post just isn’t feasible for your story, consider centering it at the heart of a podcast, YouTube video, webinar, eBook…you get the idea! There are plenty of means by which a story can be told.

Weave a web.

A solid content marketing strategy begins with creating SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based) goals, then working backward to develop content to reach those goals. Your staffing company’s story should be interwoven into every piece of content you produce!

Looking to communicate your company’s story in a way that stands out? Contact Mamu Media today to get started.

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