What Is the Best Time to Send Marketing Emails?

Like most things related to marketing, there is not a magic bullet or formula that will guarantee results. However, when it comes to email marketing, there is a ton of data available from companies like HubSpot and Constant Contact as well as data that you have access to from your own email campaigns. When working to fine-tune your email timing, there are five areas that you will need to focus on 

Your Audience 

Although this list is not in a specific order, considering your audience may be the most important factor in determining the best time to send your marketing emails. There are two broad categories for your audience in the staffing industry – Business to Business (B2B) the companies you are marketing to and Business to Consumer (B2C) the candidates you are recruiting 

Thursday mornings have a strong track record for B2B promotional email open rates and Saturdays have one of the lowest rates. However, a lower open rate also means that there are fewer emails being sent. If you are targeting a B2C audience that spends a lot of time on their mobile devices, it may pay off to send on days and times that have less competition. 

Your Reports 

While you have access to a ton of research from companies that analyze billions of emails, the most reliable data will be your own. In addition to reviewing the open and click-through rates of individual campaigns, begin building your own reports. We often focus on the initial open data but there’s knowledge to be gained from some of the stragglers. You may find that there’s a demographic that tends to open your emails on a day or time that you didn’t expect. If you find this to be the case, add these contacts to a segmented list to drive a higher level of engagement. 

Your Subject Line 

There may be times where your email is urgent and can’t wait to be sent at the optimal time. You may have an urgent staffing need and must email everyone in your database for referrals. Or, you may have hard-to-find candidate that won’t be on the market long before someone hires them. In these cases, use your subject line to make it crystal clear why the message is time-sensitive. 

Your Audience’s Expectations 

When a contact opts-in to your email marketing list, let them know what to expect and stick to your promise! If you will be sending job alerts and interview tips to applicants on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m., don’t start sending general company news on Tuesdays. Whether it is a client, prospect, candidate, or employee, every chance that you’re able to engage with them via email is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship. And, if you don’t live up to your end of the bargain you may have the opposite effect and damage the relationship. 

Your Own Testing 

Although I didn’t want to come right out and say it in the first paragraph of this post, the answer to “What is the best time of day to send marketing emails?” isIt depends. Therefore, it’s important to do everything else mentioned above, then experiment.  

According to a study completed by Klaviyo’s, emails sent at midnight had a 7% higher open rate and a 66% higher revenue per recipient, compared to the average. Since many consumers start the day by checking their emails, this strategy can help you become the first thing users will see in the morning. However, being the first email in their inbox may start out great (for you) but end up annoying your audience if overused. 

Like any good experiment, you should always start with a hypothesis. Once you decide on what you want to test, it’s time to start A/B testing to see which elements will have the desired effect. Email marketing will continue to be a powerful tool. However, like all things related to marketing, it will continue to evolve, and you will need to adapt your tactics to continue to see success. 

At Mamu Media, we know content and love refining our craft. If you’re looking for help with your content marketing – Contact us today to find out how we can make our solutions work for you! 

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