Why Assignment Selling Should Be a Part of Your Content Marketing Plan

Content marketing lies at the heart of many staffing firms’ marketing plans – it’s useful in establishing thought leadership, generating traffic, driving leads, and more.

But with so many companies utilizing this strategy, how can you be sure you’re standing out?

The answer is simple: assignment selling.

In her original post for Haley Marketing, Mandy Wittschen explains the benefits of using this strategy.

Here’s a quick recap.

What is it?

Assignment selling refers to the process of using your content in advance of sales calls. It can be used to address concerns, answer questions, and better prepare your prospects before calls.

Ultimately, however, it serves to speed up the sales cycle and improve your closing rates.

Too much too soon?

It’s natural for account managers to have some doubts regarding educating potential clients ahead of sales calls – after all, knowledge of your services or how you compete with other companies may reveal you’re not the best fit for your prospects.

But, here’s the upside – you won’t waste the time and energy trying to close a sale doomed from the start. Once a prospect agrees to educate themselves before your sales call they have also committed to engaging in your sales process. Committed prospects = higher close rates!

How can you get started with assignment selling?

If your company produces content in any form, whether it be a blog, eBook, or whitepaper, you’re already done with the first step.

1. Consider your customer’s questions. Work with your sales team to uncover the questions most frequently asked by your prospects.

2. Look to your content library. Take inventory of your pre-existing content – do you have the resources available to answer those questions? If not, find time to create them.

3. Reorganize your content – use a spreadsheet or database to make your content easily searchable and shareable.

Ready to get started? At Mamu Media, we know content – contact us today to find out how we can make our solutions work for you!

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