Break Your Marketing Records – Not Your Budget! 

It’s no secret businesses are struggling right now – the coronavirus pandemic has shifted nearly every aspect of the way we live and work.   

Faced with difficult decisions, companies are being forced to cut costs, and your marketing budget might appear an easy first target.  

But stretched resources don’t have to spell the end of your marketing strategy – nor should they. While it may be tempting, disappearing now only ensures potential clients in need of your services won’t be able to find you.  

In her original article, Haley Marketing’s Cathy Lanski details plenty of ways to stay top of mind without breaking the bank.  

Break into New Technologies.

Start a podcast. Host a webinar. Create a web series on YouTube. There’s very little cost and almost no barrier to entry associated with these types of marketing strategies – in many cases, a solid camera and a bit of studio lighting are all you need.  

Offering your insights for free helps establish your position as a thought leader and in turn a trusted resource.  

Write a Blog.

All those questions your clients ask? Answer them in a blog post – then get the whole team involved. Encourage your employees to share new posts across their social media channels and help increase the reach of your content 

Repurpose Old Content.

If the time to write new posts just isn’t plausible for your schedule, find ways to repurpose old content. Update and republish past posts with relevant information, or rewrite your website copy to reflect current market conditions.  

Update Job Descriptions.

Get creative – but not cute. As Cathy says, no one interested in a receptionist position is searching for “director of first impressions” – but they are looking for key words to make the description stand out.  

Including “what’s-in-it-for-me” factors in a job description costs nothing, but it will increase both engagement in your posting and the quality of applications you receive. Give candidates a reason to apply – and they will! 

Get engaged.

Join this Slack channel to jump in the conversation with other staffing professionals, or join the IdeaClub to have eBooks, whitepages, and more delivered right to your inbox.  

And when this is all over…we’ll be here for you!

When you’re ready to get back into the marketing game, Mamu Media is here for your content needs. Contact us today (or tomorrow – we‘re not going anywhere!)  





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