Should Old Blogs Be Deleted or Refreshed?

If your company has existed for any substantial amount of time, odds are your blog has acquired a backlog of old, potentially outdated content.

Not all blogs have an expiration date, however, and it might be wise to think twice before clicking delete.

These tips from Haley Marketing’s Brad Smith will help you decide if it’s time to say goodbye – and if it’s not, how you can update old content to work best for you.

Utilize Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Both programs provide great data. While Analytics shows overall traffic, Search Console displays things like search queries/terms (and their respective search positions), impressions, and click-through rates.

How can you use this data?

  • Reoptimize content with high-ranking (in terms of impressions) phrases. Let’s say Search Console reveals the phrase “best SEO practices” as a popular search term. Find ways to incorporate this new phrase into your old blog posts – try adding an additional sentence, writing a new paragraph, or rephrasing a bullet point to include this phrase. (But beware – keyword stuffing is a real thing.)
  • Use high-ranking queries and terms in new posts. Returning to our first example, take the insight you have about the phrase “best SEO practices” to write a new blog post about just that.
  • Build a content series using the same queries and terms. This idea is similar to the second, but expanded – rather than write one post on optimizing content for SEO, consider creating a series of posts or videos on tips and tricks for SEO.

Look at traffic earners.

Determine which of your posts are top-ranked traffic wise. They’ll probably be older.

Don’t fret – this isn’t a sign your new content is dysfunctional. Older posts have had the time to garner significant traffic and achieve Google authority. (In other words, they’re still relevant!)

Review posts individually.

Let’s say your top traffic-earning post is from 2018 – as per Brad’s example, it’s about background videos in websites.

In the two years since then, trends surrounding the use of video have obviously changed.

Despite the seemingly simple answer – “Let’s just delete the old one and write an updated version!” -deleting your top traffic-earning post isn’t a good idea.

What can you do instead?

Write an updated post – then link to it from your 2018 version. You’ll still get the traffic from your old post, but including a hyperlink at the top of the article will encourage readers to visit the updated version for more relevant information.

So, when do I know it’s time to delete an old blog post?

The decision is ultimately up to you, but taking a deep dive into the analytics of your oldest content should reveal more good than you’d think.

More often than not, your old blog posts just need a bit of a refresh – and if the time to say goodbye has truly come, they should provide you with the tools you need to produce even better content in the future.

Need help with your content strategy? Not sure where to start?

That’s where we come in. At Mamu Media, we’re content specialists – and whenever you’re ready to get started with killer content, we’ll be here. Get in touch with us today!

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