Pillar Content

The 5 W’s of Pillar Content

Content, content, content. The more the merrier, right?

Yes – but to an extent. There’s no denying the benefits of a consistent content marketing strategy, but pushing blog posts with no thought to the overall structure of your website is a missed marketing opportunity.

Here’s where pillar content comes in.

In this post, Linda Smith at Haley Marketing shares her ideas on all things pillar content.

For now, we’ll break down the basics.

What is it?

Pillar content is any piece of content that can be broken down into smaller, separate parts. Think of the way you’d break an e-book into a series of blog posts, or the way a whitepaper can be repurposed as customer emails.

It should be relevant, interesting, and, most importantly, evergreen.

Why use it?

SEO is constantly changing, but the power of substantial content is enduring – not only can pillar content improve your website traffic, it can position you as a thought leader too.

It also alleviates some of the stress of long-term content planning. Monthly or quarterly topics can be easily broken into daily or weekly content pieces by breaking down the main piece of pillar content.

Additional benefits of pillar content include:

  • Long-term website traffic increase from evergreen content
  • Traffic boosts from social media shares and backlinks
  • Decreased bounce from your website


Right now!

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the economy to a screeching halt, leaving employees jobless and employers idealess. However, progressive thinkers in the staffing industry understand how the right pieces of pillar content are essential – they allow you to break into new niches and can immediately establish the aforementioned thought leadership.

The advice and insight you provide can be extremely valuable to clients who need employees now more than ever.


Pillar content often lives on a designated “pillar page” on your website. With our SMART content packages, we call the pillar page a “resource center” and we use our branded Insights magazines, as the main piece of pillar content which is delivered six times per year. Each magazine is broken down into email newsletters, video content, social posts, webinar topics, digital and printed magazines.

Your pillar content should also help you acquire leads. If your content is useful and relevant, readers won’t hesitate to share their email address in exchange for a download. The Insights Webinar Series is a great example of this. We produce quarterly webinars that focus on workforce-related issues. These are produced for an HR audience and are always approved for free HRCI and SHRM credits. The events are held live but also live on your website in the webinar resource center where they become a lead-gen machine.

Keep in mind, however, pillar content won’t promote itself – a content strategy and a promotion strategy are two different things. Consider sharing your pillar content through email newsletters, social media channels, or your blog.


Mamu! We know content – and we’re here to help provide the extra assistance you need in developing the perfect pillar content strategy.

Ready to get started? Contact us today.




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