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How Do We Get More Client Testimonials?

Think back to the last time you were faced with a large purchase. Whether it was in your personal or professional life, there were several factors that helped guide you through the buying process including availability, features and benefits, price, and the experience of others that made the same decision. 

Testimonials and Their Impact on Buying Decisions 

According to a study sponsored by Zendesk, an overwhelming 90 percent of respondents claimed that positive online reviews influenced buying decisions, while 86 percent said that their decisions were influenced by negative online reviews. Marketing departments have been pressing any department that would listen to “get more client testimonials 

Unfortunately, many efforts fall short because the team thinks of “getting a testimonial” as giving the client a job to doThe reality is, if you are doing good work testimonials will follow. But, in some cases, if you’re not paying attention, they may never last longer than the brief smile they put on your face. 

It’s always a great practice to ask clients to share their thoughts on your services. However, it should be made easy and part of your setup or annual review process. Testimonials are often handed to you on a silver platter and you don’t even realize it. From routine client conversations to focus group meetings, clients share little soundbites that tout the benefits of your products, the expertise of your staff, or the efficiency of your service.  

The examples below are actual testimonials we have received and exactly how we got them. All you have to do after identifying yours is say “That is really great feedback. Would it be ok if we shared this on our website so that others can learn from your experience?” 

Share the work that you’re doing for your clients. 

Thank you for the years of partnership! Your commitment to our industry & to your clients is one of the many reasons we love working with Rob and Mike.” -Laura B., President at ExecuTeam Staffing 

Source: We posted some work we did for this client on LinkedIn and the President commented with these kind words. 

Listen! Sometimes a short sentence can send a powerful message. 

“Y’all make us sound so smart!” -Carolyn B., President at TempStaff 

Source: A live conversation with a client at an industry conference. Carolyn was referring to the branded magazine we produce for their sales team to use in their content marketing efforts. 


The custom publications from Mamu have been a fantastic addition. They partner with SMEs that know our space so we can be confident the final piece is consistent with our brand. The best part: one issue goes a long way. It’s been useful setting client meetings, as a leave-behind, and we’ve also found ways to repurpose the content. It takes the pressure off us from generating 100% new content each month. Thank you, Mamu!” Sara D., Director of Marketing at Advanced Resources. 

Source: We asked for this one. When you’re confident that you’ve exceeded expectations, there’s no shame in asking the client to share their experience. 

Deliver a WOW!  

“Thank you for keeping us active and for supplying us with email content through June.  You have always been a great partner for Area Temps…one of my favorites, in fact!” Gail R., Vice President at Area Temps 

Source: An unsolicited thank you note to our team to show her appreciation for services that we provided during the pandemic at no charge in order to help their company fight through a tough time. Many people will only provide unsolicited feedback when they receive exceptionally good OR exceptionally bad service. 

Survey your clients. 

“Working with Haley has been absolutely amazing! Our final product turned out better than we could have ever imagined and have already seen direct ROI in just a couple of days. Everyone that we worked with went above and beyond, were always responsive, and made the entire process so easy. Haley Marketing is a game-changer for any staffing agency. Would 100% recommend them to anyone!” Darbi F., Director of Recruiting at Alegiant Healthcare. 

Source: This one came to us as part of a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey. We use this as a tool to learn how we are perceived in the market. We take the good feedback and the bad then implement solutions to improve our score each quarter. 

Add value in everything you do. And, when that value translates into bottom-line results, testimonials will follow. 

“I landed the company’s 2nd largest client as a direct result of the cover article from our Colorado Staffing Insights Magazine.” Mike, W. Account Executive at Employment Solutions 

Source: Mike shared this with us during a conversation at an industry conference. The article he is referring to was based on an interview we did with one of their clients that addressed a specific staffing challenge that Employment Solutions helped to solve. A competitor of the company that is featured in the article was struggling with the exact same problem! The staffing manager at the company read the article, invited Mike for a meeting, and the rest is history! 

Provide share-worthy service. Deliver an experience that’s so good that people have to tell others! 

“Dani is incredible. I was very impressed. She not only managed the project well but managed me VERY well which is not easy to do.” Mark E., Chief Customer Service Officer at Top Notch Personnel, Inc. 

SourceWe routinely schedule calls with our clients to learn more about their business and get feedback on recent projects. This client was beyond impressed with Dani and will not hesitate to share that experience with others. 

Jeff Bezos once said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”. If you are adding value and providing exceptional service, there will be a lot of great sound bites that you may never hear if you don’t listen for them or simply ask your clients to share.  

As we near the end of 2020, take some time to dig up all the testimonials that were hidden in emails, client conversations, etc, and work on a plan to sing them loud for all to hear! And, if you’re short on ideas, we will be sharing a list of ideas in a future post. 

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