Is Print Marketing Relevant in 2020?

“Print is too expensive”

“You can’t track the effectiveness of print marketing”

“Print is outdated… no one reads printed materials these days”

Why Print? Because the world is inundated with digital content

According to Visual Capitalist, “by 2025, it’s estimated that 463 exabytes of data will be created each day globally – that’s the equivalent of 212,765,957 DVDs per day!” The article goes on to state that there are 500 million tweets sent on a daily basis, 294 billion emails sent, 4 petabytes of data are created on Facebook and over 5 billion searches are conducted.

That is an almost unimaginable amount of digital content.

Even today in 2020, there is more digital content being created each day that we could consume in a lifetime. If you are relying strictly on digital content for your marketing, how will you stand out? It is like being a single drop of water fighting to get noticed in the Atlantic Ocean!

To stand out in an ocean, create an island!

Print is the island of the marketing world. It offers you an effective way to rise above the tide and get your message noticed.

  • Print is visual, tactile, and memorable.
  • Print can be guaranteed to capture attention (think a mail package or FedEx envelope).
  • Print holds attention for longer and allows you to convey a more complete message.
  • Print is versatile – it can come in any number of shapes and sizes.

If you are looking to stand out in a digital world, a well-designed printed piece will cut through the noise and screen overload.

Print is the gateway to your sea of digital content

The beauty of print today is that it is NOT an island. It is more of a gateway; a welcoming point to capture attention and pull people to your website, blog, videos, and other digital content.

If you have been to a restaurant in the past few months, you have probably seen QR codes on your table where a simple print piece has a code you can scan to access the full menu. This is just one example of the integration of print and digital.

For staffing companies, there are many opportunities to use QR codes to link print to digital content:

  • A brochure linked to your website
  • A drop off flyer or postcard linked to a landing page with a special offer or intro video
  • A resume with a link to a candidate video
  • A branded magazine linked to video, blog posts or other deeper educational content
  • A skill marketing mailer linked to top candidate profiles or videos

And you do not have to use QR codes- You can share URLs (or even personal URLs) to drive response from print to digital…and make your print marketing results fully trackable!

To maximize your marketing impact, match the method to the audience

Depending on your learning style, you will gravitate to different types of communication. Likewise, when you are selling, you need to offer information about your company and your value using different forms of communication.

  • The auditory learner may want to listen to a podcast or attend a webinar.
  • The visual learner will be more engaged by video or a well-designed graphic.
  • The tactile learner needs to touch and feel their way through the learning process, which is where print is most valuable.

How to maximize the impact of your print marketing

The most important aspect of a print marketing strategy—or any marketing strategy—is to know your audience. Before you think about what to say, think about who you are addressing.

  • What type of company are you targeting?
  • What size organization?
  • What job titles are you trying to reach?
  • What are the most common problems these people face?
  • How do these people perceive staffing today?
  • What would make them open to looking for a new vendor?

Once you understand the audience, then you can develop goals for the marketing itself.

  • Is the purpose to warm a prospect for a sales call? Generate inbound leads? Build your positioning?
  • What action do you want the recipient to take? Call you? Visit your website? Go to a specific landing page?
  • What offer will you include to get someone to take action?

Effective print marketing is built on a solid strategy. In an industry as competitive as staffing, print is an ideal way to demonstrate expertise, convey differentiation, and build your position in the market.

At Mamu Media, we help companies to create branded magazines. Our clients use these magazines to open doors with prospects and generate more meaningful sales conversations. The articles in each issue of the magazines provide sales reps with questions to ask and topics to discuss. The process of using print in sales leads to better sales calls and more new business won.

When print is used with a targeted prospect list, you will be able to accurately measure the effectiveness (and ROI) of your print campaign. When print is used as part of a structured sales campaign, you will be able to see a direct impact on the performance of your sales team.

By integrating print with sales in an integrated direct marketing campaign, sales reps generate more new sales in less time. We saw one client improve their call-to-appointment ratio by 100% in just four weeks through integrated direct marketing!

Yes, email is cheaper, but you get what you pay for!

I will agree with any person that says that they can do an email campaign cheaper than a print campaign. You can send out email at little to no cost (well, other than your time).

But, here’s the problem…

The average businessperson receives about 124 emails a day and the open rate for email is less than 20 percent. If you can actually get your email read, your probability of a response is less than 2 percent. While email can, and absolutely should, be used as part of the sales process, email will have a lot more impact when it is integrated with mail, LinkedIn outreach, and sales calls. It also works best after the initial call, when it is used to nurture warm sales leads.

So, is print relevant in 2020?

I would argue that not only is print relevant in 2020, but that it is a required cog in your marketing wheel to help you stand out from your competition. There are so many creative ways to embrace print and include it as part of your strategy. Here are a few examples of how our clients are leveraging print to open new doors.

  • One of our clients has us include an article where we interview one of their clients and write an article on ways that they have helped them solve staffing challenges. (This strategy led them to secure a relationship with their now second-largest billable client!)
  • Another client highlights their philanthropy efforts in the communities they serve.
  • A few clients will include bios and photo of their team members which allow them to humanize their organization and puts a face to a name that permeates throughout the rest of their marketing strategy.

The common theme is that each client is highlighting ways they are unique and how they differentiate themselves in a crowded market which is also one of the main benefits of print!

If you are interested in learning more about our SMART Content multimedia approach to keeping you top of mind in a geographic exclusive partnership, please contact me at: [email protected]

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