You Won’t BELIEVE This Fact About Original Content!

Here’s the thing – nobody likes clickbait.

As Mackenzie Froese writes in this post from Haley Marketing, “trick” titles that promise undelivered content lead to high bounce rates and a low feeling of trustworthiness.

But how can you create original, relevant content? How can you encourage organic engagement?

It’s simple: share content that answers your audience’s questions.

 78% of consumers report that content they feel is relevant increases their purchase intent.*

Don’t risk losing 78% of your potential client base – stop the clickbait and start the original content.

Unsure how to get started?

Contact Mamu Media today to see how our content solutions can fit into your marketing strategy.


* Source: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/7-top-content-marketing-trends-you-cant-ignore-in-2019/544579/

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