The Benefits of a Pillar Content Strategy

There’s no denying the positive effects of sharing content from your website.

However, pushing constant blog posts and articles without any thought to the overall organization of your company’s content is a missed opportunity.

This is where pillar content comes in.

In this post, Linda Sorrells-Smith at Haley Marketing shares her insights on all things pillar content.

What is pillar content?

Pillar content is a substantial piece of content that can be broken down into smaller sections or materials. Examples might include an eBook or a whitepaper; these can divided and shared in smaller mediums like blogs, videos, or emails.

It should be relevant, compelling (your audience should want to learn more about your business), and, most importantly, evergreen.

Why is it important?

While many aspects of SEO are in constant flux, the power of substantial content is enduring.

Sharing pillar content can improve your SEO and website traffic while simultaneously establishing you as a thought leader.

Pillar content can…

establish leadership in a new niche/industry.

Especially in times of uncertainty, sharing relevant, well-planned content can help establish you as an expert in a new niche.

Pivoting into a new industry isn’t easy, but offering insights and advice to an employer in serious need of employees (think healthcare or manufacturing) can help position you as a company ready to help.

assist in long-term planning.

While sitting down to fill out a monthly content calendar might be a daunting task, pillar content can help relieve that stress.

An overarching monthly or quarterly pillar topic can help guide the content you share, whether through blog posts, videos, or newsletters.

Where does pillar content go?

Your pillar content should be hosted on a page of its own. Not only does this boost SEO, but it also allows you to capture leads by requiring a name and email address to access the content.

Pillar content pages can also:

  • Increase time spent on your website
  • Decrease bounce rate
  • Promote social media shares and backlinks to your website
  • Boost long-term traffic

Promoting Your Pillar Content

Pillar content won’t promote itself, nor will it produce results overnight. Consider CTA Fly-Ins, newsletters, blogs, or social media as promotion channels – know your audience and get it in front of them.

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