Creating a “Sticky” Marketing Strategy

New learning technology has created advancements in the way content is presented to your audience – tech has transitioned from reactive to proactive.

Consider, for example, the last time you saw an ad for a product you just sent a text about. The tech that placed this ad in front of you is “sticky;” in other words, it follows you and continues to learn with you.

Without any consideration of this new aspect of marketing, your communications are just another drop in the ocean of messages your audience faces.

How do you implement marketing strategies to stand out and stay top-of-mind?

In this post, Haley Marketing’s Aaron Eastlack introduces five tactics to help shift your marketing “stick” to your audience.

  1. Capture Your Audience –¬†Once you understand the “who” of your audience, you’ll be able to take the where, what, when, why, and how to get your messages in front of them. Both your ATS and and website tracking codes are great resources!
  2. Build A Strong Foundation РUpload new content (eBooks, videos, blogs, magazines,or whitepapers) regularly. In addition to providing value for your audience, relevant content improves your search engine results.
  3. Spread the Web – The ultimate goal of your marketing messages is conversion. Utilize your marketing tools to create a cohesive communication web.
  4. Bait the Trap – Your audience needs an incentive to provide their name or email address. Whether it’s an eBook or exclusive access to a blog post, a tangible offer gives your audience a reason to be interested.
  5. Grow the Web – Stay up to date with the latest in marketing and social trends. Implementing the right strategies in the right places will lead to inevitable growth!
Interested in meaningful, impactful content?

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