Sell More Staffing This Summer with SMART Content!

Cut through the noise with content focused on issues that matter most to staffing buyers 

Smart content offers a multimedia approach to content marketing, ultimately creating touch points where your audience needs them most. 

What is SMART content?

It’s webinars, social media, magazines, blogging, video and more – SMART Content leverages print and digital marketing to: 

  • open doors for sales opportunities 
  • engage staffing buyers by focusing on employer issues 
  • position you as a trusted partner to tackle today’s toughest staffing challenges 
  • make staffing sales reps more productive 

Get a powerful, turnkey content marketing program to increase brand visibility, improve relationships, and close more sales this summer – and beyond! 

What makes it “smart?”

Better results. 

Print and digital marketing tools are even more powerful when used together. Did you know: 

  • Multichannel marketing increases revenue by 38%, 120% and 190% with each additional channel (Shopify) 
  • 80-90% of direct mail gets opened…and 54% of consumers say they want direct mail from brands that interest them (Fundera) 
  • 85% of US internet users watch online video content monthly…but only 26% of blogs include video (Fundera) 

There’s no guesswork – insights and analytics ensure your message is delivered at the right place at the right time.  

We apply what we learn, so your program gets smarter over time! 

What’s included?

  • Insights Magazine  Offer fresh perspective on top talent and HR issues with bi-monthly magazines branded to your company. 
  • Monthly Email Marketing – Monthly newsletters, eCards, promotions and more! 
  • Insights Webinars – Provide SHRM and HRCI accredited training for your clients and prospects, complete with exclusive email marketing and data tracking. (included with Gold & Digital Only packages) 
  • Branded Social Content – Maximize reach with custom social sharing images, designed for your team to share.  
  • Insights Resource Center – HR and talent article database, now available to share on your website, with new content added every month.  
  • Branded Video – Stay up to date with the latest marketing trends with two branded videos a month. (included with Gold & Silver packages) 
  • And freebies worth thousands! 

Ready to get started? Contact Mamu today or visit our SMART Content homepage to learn more about the Smart Content package that works best for you.  

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