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Content Marketing – Putting more heart and soul into your staffing brand

What’s your company known for? Friendly service? Quality talent? Thorough communication? Being an expert at staffing and recruiting in the niche markets you serve?

Whatever your brand is about, content marketing should be the heart and soul of your marketing strategy. Content marketing, as defined by the Oxford Dictionaries, is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. It is also the catalyst for all other aspects of an effective marketing approach.

In simple words, content marketing tells people who you really are…and why they should buy from you!

Effective Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way to give your readers (which includes current customers, prospects and candidates) information that they find valuable. The topics are designed to capture the audience’s attention. It is also intended to educate and sometimes entertain. And, content marketing shows off your expertise.

An effective content strategy makes people want to work with you. It can position you as an expert. It demonstrates your understanding of topics that matter to your clients and candidates, and it helps to convey your commitment to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Content Marketing Rule #1: Don’t make a sales pitch.

Anyone can say “Buy my widget, because it’s the best on the market!” or “Hire us for this job, because we provide the best (talent, service, prices)!” Unlike a sales pitch where you focus on features and benefits, content marketing is designed to address a customer’s problems—even if those problems are not directly related to the product or service you sell.

When creating your content calendar, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the biggest challenges my clients (or candidates) are facing right now?
  • What issues are keeping them up at night?
  • What opportunities are they looking to capitalize on…and where do they need help?
  • What issues, related to the services you provide, are they most interested in learning about?
  • What objections do they typically have about the kinds of products and services they sell?

When you start with ideas, best practices, and trends that are focused on the needs of your target audience, you will position yourself as a thought-leader and value-added business partner. You set yourself up to become a trusted advisor.

Branded Content Marketing

At Mamu Media, the SMART content division of Haley Marketing, our strategy is to help position our clients as thought leaders in their local markets through branded content solutions.

In Shane Barker’s blog post, Branded Content Marketing: Everything You Need to Know, he states that branded content is a “technique that is focused on driving brand engagement and creating brand value. Instead of directly marketing the products/services of a brand, branded content marketing produces content that helps consumers connect with the brand on an emotional level.”

Whether it’s through branded magazines, sponsored webinars, or branded digital content, we help our clients to stay in front of more employers and job seekers, create more follow up opportunities, help spark more meaningful sales conversations, and keep our clients top-of-mind for when a business opportunity presents itself.

Want to know more about our Smart Marketing Solutions?

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