Nurture Marketing: How to Use Branded Content to Better Your Client Relationships

What is nurture marketing?

Content marketing is one heck of an umbrella term – there are dozens of concepts and strategies that fall into this category.  

Today, however, we’ll take a look at one type of campaign in particular: nurture marketing. 

Nurture marketing promotes relevant content based on the behavior of your leadultimately the goal is to provide information while encouraging prospects to take some sort of next step.  

Unlike, say, a drip campaign, based primarily on set schedules, communications in a nurture marketing campaign are triggered by actions. This could be anything from downloading an e-book to registering for a webinar, and the messages that follow are tailored to the nature of what action was carried out.  

For example, if a lead attends a webinar, your next step might be to send a case study of your services in action and invite them to register for a free consultation. 

The most successful nurture marketing campaigns depend on both an understanding of your audience and distribution of timely content 

How can branded content fit into nurture marketing?

Nurture marketing allows you to position your brand as the best possible choice.  

No matter your industry, engaging your clients with valuable content offers a number of benefits: 

  • Build rapport with your candidates  
  • Establish trust with new leads  
  • Deepen relationships with existing clients 

New buyers are more likely to move down the sales funnel with prompt communication from you, the thought leader. Existing clients will better understand your business with additional brand messaging.  

All in all, the relationship you share with your customers will improve – in turn leading to more sales and better business.  

Wondering how to best use branded content in your messaging?  

Offer your help.

Clients may not know what their next step should be – jump in to offer not only your insight but information on why it’s beneficial to them. Ask if there’s any way you can be of assistance. 

Focus on the future.

There is little certainty in decisions being made right now. Provide reassurance in the form of statistics, case studies, and testimonials. Let your client know you’ve got their back.  

Engage better.

Your clients’ inboxes are likely flooded with generic CTA’s and fly-ins – Click here! Reach out! Sign up! While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a good CTA (we’d be lost without them) find a way to better tailor it to your clients’ specific needs 

Why is it relevant now?

It’s difficult to imagine a time when face-to-face business meetings were not only plausible but totally normal. Remote selling is here for the foreseeable future, and trust and relationship-building are crucial to successful sales 

If there’s one thing we know at Mamu Media, it’s content – contact us today to learn more about how we can help you drive sales through better business relationships. 

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