Staffing Helps Webinar

In Tough Times, Staffing Helps

When the recent social distancing guidelines and stay at home orders were put into action, it felt like the entire country was put on hold. However, with some hindsight, we all know that is not the case and by now your company has settled into its new routine. Your recruiters are interviewing remotely and your sales team is working to uncover leads (and likely working 3x as hard for ½ the result).  

The loss of staffing business has leveled off 

As the announcements were made state by state, a lot of companies had an initial knee jerk reaction to cut expenses to stop the bleed of losing top line revenue. Now that a few weeks have passed, most staffing companies are saying that the loss of business has leveled off. Many were also able to quickly pivot to focus on staffing for both essential businesses and their suppliers.  

However, have you thought about what happens when the tides turn and your top clients need to quickly restart normal business operations? It’s likely that if you have a long-standing relationship with them, you will be one of the first companies they call to help them ramp up. However, you’re about to see a hunger for sales in the staffing industry that we have not experienced for over a decade. A third of your competitors will disappear by the end of 2020, but those that remain will be doing everything they can to win over your clients.  

What can you do to stay top-of-mind in your market at a time when the future of the business world is uncertain?  

Although the way we communicate and connect with our clients and prospects has changed, you still need to approach every conversation with a singular focus of how you can help your client. In 2017, we launched the Insights Webinar Series as a way for staffing companies to share accredited educational resources with their clients and prospective clients. These live events focus on workforce management topics and are always approved for both HRCI and SHRM credits. Over the last several weeks, demand for this type of service has surged as staffing companies are clamoring for new ways to stay in front of their audience at a time when they are often not able to see them face to face. As a result, we added a new service and named it after the exact thing that it does–the Staffing Helps webinar. 

Our first event is scheduled for Thursday May 21st and will feature workplace futurist, Ira S. Wolfe, as he shares best practices for Growing Your Company Culture After Employees Stop “Going to Work”Just like the Insights Webinars, the event is approved for both HRCI and SHRM credits.  

When selling staffing in tough times, it is a time to show your clients that you are there to support them and to help them navigate the challenges they are facing now and in the future. By offering free remote training to your clients at a low cost to your company, you can ensure that your company will be top-of-mind when business bounces back. 

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