10 Reasons to Educate Your Clients with Live Webinars

Fueled by the need for information and straddling the line between online and in-person interactions, webinars have exploded in popularity over the last few weeks as a means to educate and stay connected with clientsInternally, demand has been so great that we added a second webinar series that our staffing clients can use to educate their clients on how to manage through current workforce challenges. This allows them to supply added value at a time when they are not able to see their clients face to face. 

What gives webinars a content marketing advantage?

In terms of cost, geographic range, and depth of interaction, live webinars also enable an organization to increase the size and diversity of its audience. When delivered using a number of purpose-built software platforms, webinars interface nicely with a variety of technological applications (such as real-time audience tracking and live feedback) that yield data the host caleverage long after thlive event concludes.  

And, when compared to live, in-person events, webinars have the following very distinct and powerful advantages. 

Reach the unreachable

Have you seen the number of live events and conferences that have been canceled recently? Your speaker can present from anywhere in the world and interact with the audience in real-time. 


When compared to live in-person events. You do not need to worry about the minimum number of attendees, venue, catering, or parking. 

Marketing opportunities galore!

The main event works much like a piece of pillar content where digital marketing options like pre-webinar surveys, invites, blog posts about the topic, social media engagement etc. can be leveraged to build awareness of and drive attendance to the live event. 

Build customer loyalty

We’re all in this together has never been more powerful than it is todayProviding additional value to your clients without asking for anything in return or trying to position for their business has the added benefit of building loyalty. In the words of Zig Ziglar, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. 

Long shelf life

Whether through content amplification or recycling, we are always working to maximize the value and reach of the content we create. Webinar recordingare a great way to extend their life and provide resources for future contacts. The educational archives can sit on your website free for anyone to consume.  

Real-time tracking

Monitor who registers, contributes, attends and leaves your event with the use of online reporting tools. Post webinar reports can be used to answer unanswered questions and follow up with the audience (yet another marketing opportunity). 

Audience Involvement

Create real-time polls within your event to receive instant feedback. This has the added benefit of keeping the audience engaged. Many times, participants who will not join the conversation in a live in-person event will feel more open to sharing their ideas and opinions via chat boxes and pop up polls. 

Provide additional value

By hosting an event that is pre-approved for continuing education credits your audience is getting a return on their investment of time (SHRM, HRCI, etc.) without traveling to a conference. 

Thought leadership

Webinars help to position you as an industry expert. And, improved credibility leads to more clients. 

A live human touchpoint

In the situation we find ourselves in today with social distancing, a live video feed with the speaker allows the audience to feel virtually connected. 

In a matter of just a few weeks companies have gone from struggling to find candidates to struggling to keep business and/or pivot quickly into new industries. Now more than ever it is vital to stay relevant in the marketplace and top of mind among clients and prospects.  

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