12 Days of Staffing Tips – 12. A Magnetic Culture That Draws You Near

On our 12th and final day of staffing tips, we bring you the gift of a magnetic culture! We thank everyone who took some time to read our staffing tips and hope that at a minimum, you have learned one new idea to implement for 2020!

The importance of a strong company culture is well documented. Among many benefits are that it leads to a greater talent pool, longer retention, and better bottom line results. The unique aspect of a staffing company is that you have both an internal corporate culture and an assigned temporary employee’s culture to take into consideration. You have little to no control of how your assigned employees assimilate at your client’s place of business, but it is imperative that you create and nourish the culture you desire for them. This begins with building trust and support from day one. Your team needs to know that you have a genuine interest in their success beyond their current assignment. We have seen staffing companies show their support by giving back to their communities, rewarding employment behaviors (i.e. perfect attendance), offering benefits above and beyond expectations, and even paying the employee’s rent!

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