12 Days of Staffing Tips – 8. Outdoor Ads for All to Hear

Billboards, buses, stadium banners, park benches, etc. all fall under the umbrella of outdoor advertising and can be very effective for driving awareness in specific geographic areas. Visibility in high traffic areas can be exceptionally high. 

What we particularly like about the recruitment campaign Star Staffing in Petaluma, CA rolled out is… it speaks to your soul. Their message of “Love your job every day of the week” will make you stop and question your current situation. And, if not ideal, the hope is that you connect with one of their offices to explore new opportunities. 

While billboards can be very expensive–especially when placed in high traffic areas–there are other mediums that can work just as well without breaking the bank. A Los Angeles-based bus bench manufacturing company notes that an advertisement on one bus bench at a busy Los Angeles intersection would be seen by 35,000 to 50,000 people per day. The key to success in any outdoor campaign is to make an emotional connection with your audience that leads them to take action.

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