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Day: November 26, 2019

Stop and Smell the Roses

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase “Stop and smell the roses.” It’s a reminder to pause every once in a while to notice—and appreciate—the things in our lives that bring us joy. This saying has been around for quite a while, but the advice it offers is especially relevant in today’s society.
We are busy people. We are constantly running to and fro, bouncing among our homes, our jobs, our children’s music lessons and sports practices, our grocery stores, our coffee shops—we are always on the move.

And our travels aren’t only in the physical realm: thanks to technological innovations, we are constantly moving virtually and socially as well. There’s always another e-mail to write, another blog post to read, another Instagram filter to apply, another opinion or factoid or cute cat video to retweet or share.

We rarely rest—and many of us sometimes struggle just to stay caught up. Small wonder, then, that we often fail to notice the positive things in our lives. We just don’t have enough time or attention for them.
That’s why Thanksgiving is such an important holiday in our society. Sure, the mashed potatoes and the pumpkin pies and the football games are great. But the holiday’s name describes the most important aspect of the day: giving thanks. On this day we intentionally take the time to pause, take stock, and be grateful. Whatever size or shape your Thanksgiving gathering takes this year, take some time to reflect on your joys and on everyone and everything that has made positive contributions to your life.

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