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Day: August 15, 2019

Webinars: A Potent New Addition to Your Marketing Toolkit

Content marketing can take many forms. Most people are pretty familiar with the blogs, newsletters, and videos that have dominated the online media landscape for the past couple of decades. Those media are still in heavy rotation in companies’ marketing campaigns, but they are often drowned out in today’s digital cacophony. Audiences are now bombarded with so much onscreen content that they ignore much of it—which means that companies are wasting both time and money producing and disseminating it.

That’s why at Mamu Media we have made print media the cornerstone of our content marketing. It’s a remarkably effective communication tool—and we have the research to support that claim.

We definitely don’t think that companies should put all their eggs in one basket, though! Even if print media forms the foundation of an organization’s outreach efforts, it shouldn’t drop all other methods but should keep looking for other opportunities to engage audiences effectively.
Several years ago, we wrote about a number of offline strategies for content marketing: speeches at conferences, books, magazine articles, white papers, and connecting with local media. All of them are still great tools, and we still highly recommend all of them. But if we were writing that list today, we’d add one more item: live webinars.

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