Today’s Cutting-Edge Media: Print!

When we announced “Print Is Back, Baby!” a few years ago, at that time such a declaration was still squarely in the “breaking news” category. Although many pundits were talking up the value of print publications—claims that were backed up by plenty of research—most businesses still insisted on putting all of their (marketing) eggs into one (digital) basket. Some companies recognized the merits of print early on and incorporated it into their marketing and PR strategies. But most either decided to ignore completely or adopted a wait-and-see approach.

Four years later, it’s clear that print has a very solid foothold in the media market. Even as organizations are strengthening and expanding their video and social media presences, “print continues to generate the largest chunk of revenue for most legacy publishers” and remains a cost-effective way to connect with customers.

In fact, print is so strong that several companies that originated as online or digital businesses have in recent years added print materials to their marketing toolkits.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! WebMD (medical information website), Bumble (women-focused dating website), and Uber (ride-sharing company) are just a few more of the businesses that started as digital platforms and later entered the print world in order to attract more customers. (Considering how the tables in nearly every doctor’s waiting room are covered with copies of WebMD magazine, that particular publication has successfully saturated its market!)

Each of these print publications works to expand its organization’s target audience. By broadening its outreach to media that aren’t part of its “usual” approach, a company not only connects with new people but also improves its branding by coming across as innovative. Significantly, print is often seen as a more trustworthy information source than digital media. With so much information assailing them from multiple directions, today’s audiences are becoming increasingly selective when choosing the media with which they want to engage, and for that reason print publishing is a valuable tool that enables “brands to rise above the digital racket.”

Our clients have found print to be a powerful messaging platform with an outstanding ROI. Take a look at a few examples of what we’ve produced for businesses all over the country. Let’s talk about what we can do for your organization!

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