Expand Your Content Marketing with Webinars

At Mamu Media, we’ve built our business model around content marketing because we believe it’s the best tool out there for building the kinds of relationships that enable an organization to reach its customers most effectively. In recent years, more and more companies have seen the potential of this approach and embraced content marketing in their own campaigns, often with remarkable success.

By presenting content that aligns with their clients’ interests, organizations can build stronger relationships with them. For example, IKEA’s “Oddly IKEA” video leverages the current craze of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos to connect with people who are interested in its products. I’ve written before about how Patagonia produces videos about environmental and social responsibility to attract customers who place a high value on those practices. And every day, exercise equipment company Peleton offers its customers hours of new workout videos, a strategy that not only highlights the company’s strengths in its business niche but also fosters customer loyalty.

Those are just a few examples of successful marketing efforts. What all of these campaigns have in common is their use of content marketing to provide useful information to their customers. Each of the companies mentioned figured out what (in addition to the company’s products or services) its customers are interested in and delivered relevant content to them, using that interest as a gateway to share information about the company and build relationships with customers. This marketing strategy can be used by any company—including yours!

Content marketing can take many forms (including branded magazines). As technology becomes ever easier to use and more available, many organizations are using video as an outreach platform—and one of the biggest trends in content marketing right now is the webinar. Because it’s a great tool for conveying information, it’s particularly effective for organizations that provide services that help other organizations run their businesses. Anyone involved in HR or staffing, for example, can use webinars to educate organizations about compliance issues, share best hiring practices, discuss compensation issues—all topics that are relevant to pretty much any company.

Webinars also have amazing flexibility. Not everyone can spend the money (or time) to attend a TED talk or an industry conference. But anyone with an Internet connection, a computer, and a webcam can hear great lectures by industry thought leaders. And unlike most talk formats, webinars can also be interactive: participants can actually talk with the webinar leader—and with each other—to share ideas and ask questions.

Webinars not only deliver content that’s directly useful to customers, but they also serve as opportunities to increase the added value of your relationship with them. By doing more than simply making sales, you prove your worth and thus strengthen both your brand and your relationships. Demonstrating the added value you provide helps keep you top of mind when your customers and prospects have a business need that you can fulfill.

And of course no discussion of a marketing strategy is complete unless it addresses cost—and that’s where webinars can really outshine other approaches. Because they are recordable, webinars can be deployed multiple times in varying contexts, thus giving you more bang for your buck. They are also cost-effective because they don’t have huge overhead requirements: on your end, you need only the ability to stream decent-quality video (and of course an expert to lead the webinar). With such low up-front costs, the ROI for webinars can be immense!

So what are you waiting for? Now’s the perfect time to connect with your customers and prospects via content marketing! Contact us today to learn about how to make webinars a powerful—and cost-effective—cornerstore of your outreach efforts!

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