LinkedIn and Your Content Strategy

In our last post, we talked about opportunities to maximize the investment you made in the content you created by extending its reach through various distribution channels. For examples, a blog post can be converted into a video or a whitepaper into a series of infographics.

Just 2 days after writing this post, we discovered a new feature on LinkedIn that allows you to share your powerpoint presentations, white papers, ebooks, and other publications (like custom magazines) in PDF, Word, or PowerPoint format.

We made the discovery after a client posted one of our HR Insights publications on their company page. We honestly felt like we were living under a rock and should have already known about the new feature. However, after sharing the information and their post on LinkedIn, we quickly realized (based on comments) we were not the only one who felt this way.

The world of digital marketing evolves at an often breathtaking pace. And, although we try to stay ahead of the curve in all things related to content marketing, we will always learn something new from our friends, customers, and colleagues. It has been this way since we started Mamu Media 8 years ago and the trend continues!

This was a great reminder that when it comes to content marketing, different people prefer to consume content in different ways. In addition to this, the same person may prefer, different media based on what they’re trying to get out of the content.

Using myself as an example–for consumer product reviews, I almost always turn to YouTube so I can see and hear what someone has to say about the product. When I really want to learn and fully understand something, I have to hold it in my hand and prefer reading the words in print. For casual short-form updates, I’m perfectly fine with digital media. If it’s business communication, it’s tough to beat the convenience and near limitless storage of email.

However, you may be the complete opposite which is why it’s so important to deliver the content you create to market your services in as many formats as possible. Content creation is only half the battle. You need your intended audience to consume and engage with your content to realize a bottom line benefit.

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