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Day: February 15, 2019

The Power of Analog Personalized Communication!

Any company is capable of providing top-notch services or selling excellent products. But if the organization isn’t adept at connecting with people, it can’t really achieve long-term or sustainable success. In a world where people are your most important asset and their availability is slim, this is more important now than ever before.

The ability to build strong, positive relationships makes it possible for hiring managers to source and retain top talent, for salespeople to close deals with clients, and for firms to negotiate mutually beneficial arrangements with vendors and suppliers. A client who has a strong relationship with one particular company, for example, will be more inclined to call on that firm first for its business needs. Similarly, employees who feel connected to (and valued by) their colleagues and managers will be less likely to want to move to other organizations.

Clearly, connections are valuable. But how are they created? And once they are created, how are they sustained? The answer to both of those questions is the same: through the personal touch.

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