Top 10 Reasons to Use Webinars as a Marketing Tool

10. Cost effective. When compared to live in-person events. You don’t need to worry about the minimum number of attendees, venue, catering, or parking

9. Marketing opportunities galore! Digital marketing options like pre-webinar surveys, invites, blog posts about the topic, social media engagement etc.

8. Long shelf life. Use the webinar recordings to extend the life of the content and provide resources for future contacts

7. No geographical limitations. Because of the global possibilities, you can reach people beyond your borders

6. Reach the unreachable. Your speaker can present from anywhere in the world. From New York to New Zealand with no need to travel.

5. Instant feedback. Create real-time polls within your event to receive instant feedback. This has the added benefit of keeping the audience engage.

4. Real-time tracking. Monitor who registers, contributes, attends and leaves your event with the use of online reporting tools

3. Provide additional value. By hosting an event that is pre-approved for continuing education credits your audience is getting a return on their investment of time (SHRM, HRCI, etc.)

2. Build customer loyalty. Adding value for existing customers helps to build loyalty

1. Thought leadership. Webinars help to position you as an industry expert. And, improved credibility leads to more clients.

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