Thought Leadership Through Educational Webinars

As companies struggle to find good candidates while unemployment rates hit historic lows, in our industry it’s more important than ever to stay relevant in the marketplace and top of mind among clients and prospects. Here’s the big question: How can your organization stand out in this crowded, competitive, and noisy environment?

Before they even connect with a salesperson, B2B buyers are typically already 57% of the way to a buying decision. To close the deal, you need to engage them with your brand—and the best way to do that is with a multipronged approach that focuses on their needs and interests, keeps their attention, and leaves them wanting to learn more about what you offer.

One effective strategy is to host an educational webinar. Webinars are great outreach and development tools, and from a marketing perspective they have three main benefits:

  • They build your company’s reputation as a trusted advisor and thought leader. (This improves your organization’s brand.)

  • Their built-in recorded archives enable you to capture lead data both before and after the event. (This helps your company’s sales efforts—and justifies your job.)

  • Because they lack the travel costs and venue costs associated with in-person seminars and meetings, they are low-cost events. (This drives up your ROI.)

Mamu Media provides hosted webinar services on behalf of our clients. For example, we offer sponsored webinars in which clients in noncompeting industries and geographic areas “sponsor” a live presentation by an industry expert on a relevant topic geared toward their buyers. Another webinar option enables a client to determine the content of a custom webinar, which offers more flexibility in the event marketing and delivery, and in the post-event activities. Additionally, all presentations bring added value by being approved for continuing education credits with relevant professional organizations (including SHRM and the HR Certification Institute).

To learn more about our webinar services, please visit our website at www.mamumediallc.com/webinar-production/ or contact us at [email protected].

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