Get More Bang for Your Buck through Content Remarketing

Earlier this week I was reading about candidate marketing (defined by one recent article as “quickly shopping an existing contractor to other open roles that are ‘in house’”) and thinking about how it’s an effective way for an organization to get the most out of what it already has. But that isn’t the only way that staffing companies can maximize the efficient use of existing resources. They can do another type of remarketing by repurposing their marketing materials—that is, by re-marketing content.

Many of Mamu Media’s clients employ this strategy to great effect. With the help of our publications, they repurpose their existing content and marketing pieces to present themselves to their current audience—or to a new audience—in new ways.

For example, many companies maintain their own blogs on which they share company-specific news, industry trends, and whatever else might be of interest to their audiences. We’ve worked with several clients to turn these sorts of blog posts into cover articles for their magazines or feature pieces for their newsletters.

At the same time, some of our clients have great content that hasn’t been published yet—and we work with them to put it in writing. For example, we help one client turn its customer-success stories into feature magazine articles, complete with in-depth interviews and photo shoots.

Keep in mind that content remarketing goes both ways! Just as companies can put their content into the magazines and newsletters we produce for them, they can also take that magazine and newsletter content and repurpose it for their own in-house publications (such as blog posts, company reports, or other marketing pieces).

Whether you’re already producing marketing content for your company and want to take it a step further, or want to generate more content that will help you connect with your audience, Mamu Media can help! We can work with you to figure out how to extend the shelf life and outreach of the content you’ve already created. We can also help you create new content for your marketing platforms.

The point is, we know how to maximize the reach of great content. So give us a call and find out what we can do for you!

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