Perspective and Gratitude

Toward the end of each November, I pause to reflect on the previous year. This annual tradition isn’t an end-of-the-calendar-year review of Mamu Media and the state of our industry. (I usually post on those topics a month or so later, as we’re ringing in the new year.) Rather, it’s a more holistic assessment of everything I do.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for this—and not just because that day is specifically a celebration of gratitude (as its name indicates). It’s also the unofficial “opening day” of the holiday season, when friends and families gather to share food, exchange gifts, and enjoy each other’s company. At this time of year we’re surrounded by reminders to treasure all the good things in our lives. But how often do most of us actually do that? Probably not often enough.

I’ve written before about the importance of being thankful and about the significance of value-laden experiences in both professional and personal lives. Most of us tend to get so caught up in managing our day-to-day lives of work, school, family, and other commitments that we often lose sight of the big picture. We forget to stop what we’re doing, take a step back, and look at how we fit in the grand scheme of things.

Why is it important to do that? Because the right perspective helps us see clearly. Perspective enables us to discern what’s important from what isn’t. And once we know that, we can expend our time and effort more wisely to make better business decisions that improve our bottom lines, keep our clients satisfied, attract new customers, and help our companies grow.

So this Thanksgiving, take a moment to do some thanks giving. Let the traditions, family togetherness, and special events of the holiday—whether you’re carving the turkey, watching football, or lounging about after eating way too much food—remind you to be grateful for the richness in your life. With a perspective that focuses on the positive, you can better identify (and remove) the negative and therefore put your business on the path to even greater success.





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