Magazines Make the Most of Your Messaging

Imagine this scenario: ahead of a highly anticipated release, a movie studio prepares a huge publicity campaign. Press releases, social media blitzes, magazine interviews, talk-show chats—you name it, it’s lined up and ready to go. Opening day arrives, and the movie makes the headlines. And the next day, the studio shelves all of the PR for this movie. It just stops talking about it—completely.

Of course, this would never happen. Why not? Because after a studio drops a ton of money and effort on conveying certain messages (such as “Go see this movie!”—as well as the movie itself), it’s not going to fall silent just because opening day has passed. The messages are still relevant. The studio still wants people to see the movie.

The same goes for your own messaging campaigns. Why let your message fall silent just because a particular deadline—say, the date you send out your marketing materials—has passed? You’ve invested time and money into your communications. Naturally, you should want to get the biggest return possible for that investment.

Unfortunately, too many companies fail to maximize the long-term potential of their messaging. Well-designed postcards, e-newsletters, social media campaigns, and other widely used outreach efforts can be effective in some ways. But what staying power do they have? Most of the time, not much.

Think about how many postcards land in your mailbox and go straight into the recycling bin after the briefest of glances. Think about how often you skim through your inbox with your finger poised to click on the “delete” button, trashing e-mail based solely on subject lines—those messages don’t even get read! Think about how many dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of tweets, likes, and status updates you scroll through each day and don’t remember at all. A message in one of these formats often fails to register with audiences because it gets lost among similar items.

When you have something significant to say and want people to see—and remember—your message, you need a medium that makes a big impression. With a format that stands out in a crowded field of traditional hard-copy and digital media, custom magazines get your targets’ attention. Print is an extremely effective communication tool, and audiences engage with magazines particularly well.

Don’t let your own blockbuster fall off your audience’s radar! After you create your message, use custom magazines to expand both its reach and its duration. Print is a marketing force to be reckoned with, so seize the opportunity to engage your clients, grow your business, and leave your competition behind.


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