Mamu Media Launches a New Magazine

Think back to the last time you were on the hunt for a new job. Did you send in the exact same resume, executive summary, and objective for each and every position you applied for? Probably not. I’m guessing that you crafted an application specifically for each one.

If you’ve spent any time in the job sector (especially in recruiting or any other HR discipline), you know that searching for a job requires marketing yourself. You need to identify the opportunities for which you’re a good fit and sell yourself specifically to those positions.

At Mamu Media, we understand the importance of tailoring a message to its audience. When we launched our company and our branded magazine, HR Insights, we identified our target customers: temporary staffing companies that, in addition to managers and business owners, called on HR professionals to market their services. With that audience in mind, we built the magazine around broad topics with a focus on workforce management.

We also understand that to be successful in staffing sales, staffing firms need to develop relationships throughout a client company—with office managers, recruiters, HR managers, business owners, directors, department heads, operations managers, HR leaders, warehouse managers, and more. With such diversity among their audiences, staffing firms can’t expect to use the same message with each one. They need to tailor their message to each audience.

To meet this need for customizable messaging, over the course of the next year Mamu Media will be expanding our range of branded publications. We’ll be introducing versions that will help our clients appeal to audiences that hire for specific areas, such as IT, finance, light industrial, and health care.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the first of these new magazines: Labor & Industrial Insights. This publication addresses the needs and interests of hiring managers and companies that hire for light industrial positions. All of the content will be written with a light industrial audience in mind and will cover topics such as workplace safety, OSHA updates, workforce management, and management tips.

Take a look at a sample of Labor & Industrial Insights. Does it look like something that can help you with your marketing efforts? If so, let’s talk!


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