An Often Overlooked Business Practice: Be Thankful

Each week, I present information that helps readers assess the state of market, develop business strategies, and keep up with (and ahead of!) trends in the staffing industry. As we in the USA ease into the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I’d like to highlight one very critical—but oven overlooked—business practice: be thankful.

Be thankful for the economy that enables you to pursue your business passion. Competition, innovation, access to information and resources—these are restricted in many parts of the world. We’re fortunate to be surrounded by so much opportunity.

Be thankful for the staff who make your business work each and every day. Without them, your company couldn’t exist. Each individual in an organization has different roles and responsibilities, but ultimately you’re all working together toward common goals.

Be thankful for the clients who use your services and keep you and your staff employed. Just as you’re conscientious about providing plenty of value to your customers, don’t forget the value they bring to you.

Be thankful for your family and friends. No matter how much you love your work and are driven to success in your business, you need to remember the joy and meaning that exist in your non-work life, too.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!





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