Customize Your Magazine with Variable Data

At Mamu Media we have long sung the praises of custom and branded print magazines. More than any other medium, they allow you to strengthen connections with your current customer base as well as foster new relationships with the prospects you’re courting.

Variable data takes this connection building to another level by enabling you to fine-tune the customization of your publications according to your target audience. Because Mamu Media uses a digital printing process, we have the ability to dynamically swap out pages based on any number of criteria using a unique identifier in your distribution list. For example, we can adjust your content to better target a particular client, prospect, or geographic region.

Here are just a few of the ways in which we can help you customize your publication:

  • Inside front cover: The inside front cover of the magazine is a great place for messaging that speaks directly to your target. Most of our clients use this space for a letter from the organization’s president, but any content that suits your needs could go there. If you’ve just hired a new sales rep, for example, you could use this space to present him or her to your audience. Or you could use this space to introduce your company to the reader—and adjust the message for each group (e.g., new clients, prospects, long-term customers) you want to reach.

  • Promotional ads: Any good marketer knows to approach current clients and prospects differently. Each group has its own needs and interests—and custom publishings lets you tailor your ads for each target audience.

  • Region-specific content: Does your company operate in multiple locations? We can switch out articles based on their geographic relevance. That way your customers in New York aren’t reading about employment law updates in California.

  • Tracking: Web and e-mail campaigns are renowned for their trackability. When our prospects express concern that print campaigns lack this feature, we reassure them that trackability does work for print, thanks to some simple solutions. The same variable data rules apply both to electronic media and to print: all you need is a unique identifier. It could be a URL, a QR code, or a designated extension on your phone system, for example.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg—there are many more ways to tailor your messaging in custom magazines. If you’re interested in learning how to use variable data to reach your audience more effectively, contact Mamu Media today!


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