Boosting Your Staffing Brand Without a Million-Dollar Budget—Part 2

Last week’s post explained the importance of branding and pointed out that an effective branding campaign is within reach of any staffing organization, regardless of its size or budget. As promised, this week’s post explains how to publicize your company and its services by leveraging branded publishing in conjunction with your website, social media, blogs, and e-mail.

Once you’ve determined the current state of your brand and decided how you want to define it, you’re ready to make branded publishing work for you. If you’re unfamiliar with this highly effective marketing tool, take a look at this post to get an idea of what it is. In a nutshell, through industry-relevant content, branded publishing enables a company to brand itself and communicate to both current and potential clients through a physical format that definitely stands apart from the messaging crowd.

A hard-copy magazine lies at the core of every Mamu Media branded-publishing campaign. Delivered directly to your target audience, the magazine lands in their mailboxes just like any other print publication. Not only does this system let you cut through the noise of electronic media, but the messaging format enables your branding efforts to stand out and stick around for a while, because unlike electronic messaging, print messaging has a unique ability to persist long after its initial delivery.

How? Electronic media can be a great communication vehicle, but because of its sheer volume, much of it goes unnoticed, unremembered, and even completely unread. On the other hand, marketing research indicates that 62% of magazine readers keep a magazine issue around for a week or longer. Just imagine if your message lingered on your clients’ desks—and in their minds—for that long. That kind of staying power has the potential to transform your bottom line.

Branded publishing has another benefit: its content integrates easily into an organization’s web and social strategy. In addition to creating a hard-copy magazine, we provide clients with an electronic version of the magazine as well as an e-newsletter. Clients can then build archives right into their websites and incorporate the magazine’s content into their own social strategies. For example, one possibility is to tweet a title or quote from a magazine article (from your own branded magazine) along with a link that drives traffic back to the publication you have hosted on your website.

Social media and the Web are today’s marketing darlings. But hard-copy publishing retains its relevance—and branded magazines in particular continue to demonstrate their increasing effectiveness. With content that targets the interests of your organization and your clients, along with longevity that electronic media can’t match, branded magazines have the potential to offer a tremendous return on investment. Don’t let perceived budget issues limit your marketing options. Contact Mamu Media today, and let’s discuss how branded publishing can work for you.


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