Extend Your Reach—and the Life of Your Content—with Custom Magazines: Part 2

Last week’s post discussed some of the challenges in winning attention in today’s crowded messaging marketplace. Increasingly, many organizations that achieve their marketing goals do so through the use of custom magazines. Now let’s take a closer look at the details of this format and its advantages over other media.

You may be wondering what’s so special about print magazines as a communications vehicle. Isn’t print a dinosaur in today’s high-tech, high-speed marketing environment? True, print has been around for a long time—but anyone who writes it off as passé is missing a golden opportunity. People are familiar with print magazines, both as a physical medium and as a content category, and numerous studies indicate that not only have print magazines experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, but that upward trend will continue as the digital market becomes saturated and its content increasingly easy to overlook or ignore altogether.

Magazines, however, continue to engage their audiences. Look at these results from usability studies about print magazines:

  • The average magazine reader spends 41 minutes reading an issue

  • 1 in 4 people pick up a magazine 3 or more times before they finish it

  • 62% of magazine readers keep an issue around for a week or longer

  • 48% of adults trust magazines (whereas only 40% of adults trust the Internet)

And most significantly, 91% of magazine readers take action. A recent survey of behavior among readers who finished a magazine revealed that:

  • 82% told someone else about content they read

  • 56% visited a website mentioned in an article

  • 58% visited an advertiser’s website or store

  • 26% purchased something described or advertised in the magazine

  • 48% followed a tip or advice they read

We’re not talking about just clients and potential customers here: decision makers value magazines, too. Business leaders prize them as B2B communication vehicles essential to their jobs, and rely on them for information to shape and validate their firms’ business purchase decisions

Have I piqued your interest? Are you now thinking to yourself, “Okay, I can see some of the potential benefits to using custom magazines for my messaging, but I need to know more about how that message is delivered”? As you might guess from their name, custom magazines are tailored for each client. Usually drawing from the following categories, we work with each organization to determine which content best suits its needs:

  • Thought leadership articles

  • Vertical-focused articles

  • Q&As with industry leaders

  • Trade show information

  • Articles based on blog posts (from either individual or corporate blogs)

  • Content from partner organizations

  • Book excerpts

  • Case studies

Mamu Media also works with clients to determine the optimal production schedule and distribution details for your organization. You might decide to publish quarterly, bimonthly, or at other intervals. In addition to printed copies of your custom magazine, you’ll also receive an electronic “flipbook” version of each issue, as well as an HTML newsletter version. You provide the content, and we handle the design, printing, and mailing.

Don’t underestimate the value of a custom magazine. Sure, you can send it to the current clients on your mailing list—and to prospects, too. But thinking outside the box reveals even more distribution possibilities. For example, you can also use a custom magazine as a leave-behind for office visits, a supplement to presentations, a companion to a book (or other publication or product you distribute), or as trade-show literature. A custom magazine can also augment other efforts to connect with target and strategic accounts, develop your partner marketing, and enhance your vertical initiatives.

This multifaceted messaging tool offers numerous benefits. It can help you develop your existing business as well as grow it in new directions. In addition to letting you conduct target and field marketing, a custom magazine also functions as a vehicle for broadcasting sales touch points and building your brand awareness. By publishing your own content, you not only shape how issues are framed, but also establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.

Find out how you can reap the benefits of this powerful messaging medium! Contact Mamu Media today, and let’s talk about how adding this marketing tool to your repertoire can move your organization in new directions.


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