Extend Your Reach—and the Life of Your Content—with Custom Magazines: Part 1

We’re about halfway through the first month of 2013, and by now you’re surely thinking about how to make this year the most successful one yet for your organization. Success is the offspring of good planning and wise decisions, so clearly defined goals and actions are critical for the development of your business plan.

As you engage in your planning—whether you’re doing early-stage brainstorming or last-minute tweaking to a plan about to launch (or one already underway)—don’t neglect your marketing and outreach efforts. At Mamu Media we have found that most of our clients and contacts share a subset of these messaging goals:

  • Reaching higher-level executives

  • Penetrating accounts with targeted messaging

  • Facilitating ongoing touches

  • Creating word-of mouth within and between organizations

  • Producing content that “sticks” in the target’s mind

  • Strengthening client relations and growing existing business

  • Helping sales open doors

  • Increasing perceptions of the organization as a thought leader

When you do reach potential clients, current customers, and high-level decision makers, then what? How do you compel them to read, engage with, and spread your message?

First off, use good design (in terms of the product’s layout and format , as well as its visual appeal through graphic design) to attract your target’s attention. Your content must be compelling, fresh, and appealing—and present you as a credible thought leader who can speak directly to the needs of strategic accounts and verticals.

Most important, once you have someone’s attention, keep it. You want your messaging medium to have a long shelf life, both in terms of being retained (and revisited) by your original target and in terms of being shared among your target’s contacts and connections.

That last bit, however, is the tricky part. The advertising marketplace teems with plenty of flashy, attention-grabbing formats. Many promise longevity and reach—but nearly none delivers on that promise. One format, however, does stand apart from the pack: print publishing, specifically the fast-growing segment of custom magazines.

Last week’s post explained the makeup of custom magazines: “Original content produced by that company typically forms the core of each issue; an issue may also include content created by the company’s business associates and other related, relevant, and non-competitive companies.” As I pointed out in that post, custom magazines offer a great opportunity to extend the shelf life of content your organization already produces. After all, if you’ve already put time and money into producing a piece of writing, why not maximize your investment by repurposing that material?

Tune in next week, when I answer that question—and tell you plenty more about how custom magazines can help your organization achieve (and even transcend) its business goals!


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