B2B Marketing Trend Prediction for 2013

A few months ago I wrote about using an old friend in the new media marketplace. This “old friend” will be even more visible—and effective—in the coming year. If you don’t remember who it is, let me remind you: print.

You read that right. In a time when “social media” is on every pundit’s lips and in every marketing expert’s toolkit, I declare that 2013 will be the year of print.

True, social media remains the eight-hundred-pound gorilla in the room. In 2012, for example, Facebook hit one billion users and purchased Instagram for one billion dollars. With numbers like that, social media can’t be ignored. But although social media is terrific for socializing with friends and tracking down long-lost classmates from high school, I don’t see Facebook or other social-media outlets functioning as effective B2B marketing platforms.

Remember this quote from the post I mentioned earlier?

“It is special receiving a well-designed printed piece in the mail or on my desk; it cuts through the online noise like nothing else. I expect to see more of that in the future.”

The phrase “online noise” tells you pretty much everything you need to know. We spend increasing amounts of time online, and during those hours myriad ads, tweets, and status updates all clamor for our attention. One piece of online marketing blends into the others, and advertisers and businesses have a hard time getting their social media efforts noticed, much less distinguishing themselves from their competitors.

Enter print media. I’m not referring to postcards and print advertising (e.g., magazine ads, brochures), but to well-designed custom pieces that add value for the reader and tailor their message to your audience. I’m talking about branded and custom magazines.

At Mamu Media we know this type of publication inside out. Because we’ve long had an ear to the ground on both online and offline marketing, we confidently predict that 2013 will see continued the growth and success of branded magazines that leverage variable data (that is, content that varies with the audience) to extend the life of your content, connect with a broader audience, and separate yourself from the competition. The format and content of these print publications ensure that they linger on your clients’ and prospects’ desks—and in their minds—far longer than pixels on a screen or traditional print mailings.

Social media may be far reaching, but its main effectiveness lies in its ability to supplement other content marketing efforts. Your primary efforts should take the form of something with much more impact. Do you want to reach your audience effectively? Are you eager for your message to get noticed? Then give Mamu Media a call—and let us show you how print can catapult your business ahead of your competition!


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