In the Eyes of an Educated Consumer – Branding Matters.

You think your salespeople rock. And they certainly do. But even if your staffing sales are going through the roof (and especially if they aren’t) it’s important to know that even before a staffing pitch is made, your potential clients may have already made up their minds.

It’s true, even more than a seasoned staffing sales force, your company needs the power of good branding. In short, sales matter. But your brand is king.

Think about it. When you seek to buy a product, you do your research right? You Google. You read up. You know the difference in your favorite brands right? Take coffee for example. Chances are you frequent the same coffee shop daily and your mind is already made up. Nothing is going keep you from your favorite cup of joe.  

And while this isn’t really about caffeine, it is about Buzz. Your staffing sales truly depend on the buzz you build for your company from the start.

Staffing sales depend on the name you make for yourself

Your clients are a lot like you and your coffee. They gravitate toward the familiar. Before a potential client chooses a staffing vendor, you can be certain they’ve done their own research. What do they learn when they research you? What’s your reputation in the market? How successful are the people you place? How are you touting your own success?

Your sales depend on how potential clients see you and your brand. And how your company stacks up with the other vendors in the market.

Brand awareness truly matters in any business, but it particularly matters in the too often commoditized world of staffing. Stay in front of the market. Be a thought leader. Get published. Try branded magazines. And make sure you target your marketing efforts to maximize your ROI.

Out of sight. Out of mind. Out of Business.

As you build brand awareness, realize that if you are out of sight, you are probably out of mind. And know that how you promote your company will certainly help your sales force down the road. This isn’t taking anything away from the art of sales. But it is enhancing it. Staffing sales will definitely benefit from the buzz you build. So build it well.


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