Marketing is Crucial to Maintain Your Floating 20% in Staffing

You know that old 80/20 rule, right? It’s the one that claims in most businesses, 80 percent of revenue comes from a mere 20 percent of your clients. But does it apply in the staffing industry? And more specifically, does in it apply to your staffing sales efforts?

You bet it does. 100 percent of the time.

Staffing sales and the other twenty percent

Think about it. If 80 percent of your income really comes from just twenty percent of your clients, then the remaining twenty percent of revenue is left floating out there—among a whopping 80 percent of potential clients. That’s a big bucket for your staffing sales force to market to.

The problem is that these potential clients are usually the ones that require staffing services on an infrequent basis. Maybe they only require staffing once every 6 months. Maybe only once a year, even. This means your revenue is tied to timing. You never know when their need will arise, so you have to be sure that when it does your company is at the top of their mind.

To accomplish this, your staffing sales and marketing efforts need to have a laser focus on keeping your brand out there in the market. If your potential clients see you as the leader in their market, then they will turn to you first when the need comes up—saving your staffing sales force a lot of effort.

Boost your twenty percent by staying top of mind

How exactly do you do that, you ask? There are many ways. First, ensure your current clients are singing your praises across the industry by keeping them happy and satisfied. Or, you could try becoming a thought leader in the staffing industry. Publish articles related to staffing. Keep blogs going strong. Advertise smartly. Keep your sales staff active—maybe even hire marketing consultants to help boost your staffing sales. You could even try staying in front of potential clients through branded content in both printed materials and online. There are many options. You want your name incorporated into anything related to staffing that a potential client may see.

Whatever solution you turn to, remember it’s vital to keep your presence out there—and in good standing. Rules are rules for a reason after all. So use the 80/20 rule to your advantage and keep your business thriving 100 percent of the time.


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