Focus Your Efforts to Achieve True ROI

Several years ago, when I was a rising star in the staffing industry, I learned a valuable lesson that has shaped how I approach nearly all of my business relationships and transactions.

My firm had a client for whom we did a lot of high-volume hiring that required us to shovel people through the door just to meet demand. To keep the volume of hires up, we cut some corners—and as a result, quality suffered. We consistently submitted more candidates than our competitors but started to see our market share with that particular client suffer.

We hit the ultimate low when the client terminated 25% of our temps on one day (later known as “Fire ‘em Friday”).

I decided that to save this client we had to meet with all the client-side stakeholders to see what we needed to do to right the ship. I kicked off the meeting with a typical agenda, overview, etc., when one of their senior execs rudely interrupted me.

“Mike – what we do here isn’t rocket science. We run a call center where we require both full-time and temporary employees to meet all three of the following criteria:

  1. They need to speak clearly and properly while reading a script.

  2. They need to be willing to learn the job.

  3. They need to show up to work everyday and on-time.

The competitors that are stealing market share from you aren’t rocket scientists either. They send us half the candidates-but they’re twice as good, and they’re staying with us twice as long. I feel like you take a shotgun approach to staffing our call center, and they are approaching our staffing needs with the keen eye and exceptional discipline of a Scout Sniper”

This is where I had my eureka moment: if we can focus on targeting the right fit, we’ll end up working half as hard to make twice the money. We retooled out strategy and became our client’s primary vendor 90 days after that initial conversation. This translated into $1,700,000 in annual revenue for us.

I carried this same philosophy to each and every high-volume staffing assignment we landed—and it paid off each and every time.

These exact same principals apply to marketing your services.

Billboards are effective only if your target prospects are traveling the roads you’re advertising on. The same rings true with radio and TV: unless someone happens to tune into your channel, they’ll miss your message entirely.

Assuming you know which top companies and individuals would be ideal candidates for your services, why not silently—but persistently—pursue these high-value clients with a targeted approach that works to secure not just some of their business but all of their business? Why not try branded publishing?

Your brand comprises much more than a logo and a color palette Your brand is defined by who you are, who you want to be, and who people perceive you to be. Branding publishing allows you to address all of these factors and shape the relationships you have with your clients. By focusing on meeting your clients’ needs, all involved parties—both you and your clients—reap the largest benefits.


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