Branded Publishing


Our branded publishing service consists of a bimonthly magazine (both hard-copy and electronic versions) and a monthly e-newsletter that we create and distribute on your behalf to the contacts you choose. Industry leaders write all of the content, which contains fresh perspectives and plenty of useful information to keep your recipients engaged and informed.

Each issue positions your company as the publisher of a classy, well-designed, and informative industry-specific publication. In addition to the hard-copy magazine, you receive an electronic version of each issue and an e-newsletter; together, these allow a total of eighteen annual touches to the clients and prospects you target.

The magazine seamlessly integrates your company’s brand and messaging by featuring your logo in the magazine title on the cover and filling the inside cover with a letter from your president, company executive, or other representative of your organization. Additionally, a summary of your service offerings appears on the inside back cover, and the entire back cover functions as a full-page advertisement.

Our branded publishing service gives you geographic distribution rights, which ensures no other organization in your industry and geographic area distributes the same publication. You alone among your regional competitors will be sending the magazine to clients and prospects—and consequently standing out from your market competition.